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The Prairie Equine goal is to help build a more capable and better functioning equine body to optimize comfort and performance. As well as teach owners how to improve their horse's mental and physical health, regardless of their discipline or riding goals.

Lauren has always had a passion for animals, at the age of 14 she began her first business working with dogs that suffered from behavioral issues and caring for animals requiring special care. She began riding at the age of 12 and was immediately hooked and invested in developing her new hobby into a career one day.  Following a devastating injury to her first horse, she purchased her second horse, Howard, and began riding in the sport of Three-Day Eventing. After riding competitively for several years she began seeing a trend of many horses developing injuries or soundness issues after only a few years of competition. It was then that her passion turned toward equine therapy, rehabilitation, and athletic development. 

Lauren graduated from the University of Guelph with her Diploma in Equine Studies with distinction in 2018. Which was then closely followed by her Equine Performance Therapy diploma through Kherion Equine College. This allowed for expansion into rehabilitation and sports therapy services. Her certification included a year long study before a 70 hour hands on practical and three month, 50 horse practicum.  She also has completed her Equine Technician and Equine First Aid certifications. Continuing education is an important part of Lauren's business philosophy and she plans to add other services in the coming months.


  • Diploma. Equine Performance Therapy 2021, Kheiron Equine College 

  • Diploma. Equine Studies 2019, University of Guelph

  • Cert. Equine First Aid 2018, Equi-health Canada

  • Cert. Equine Technician, Alberta Agriculture  

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